Look like your idea of bliss? Us too! 

We three best friends (and a few other near and dears) have been making our annual pilgrimage to this pool and house on the beach of the Sea of Cortez for ten years now. As our retreat from the raising of our collective eight children and one grandchild, it provides the ultimate environment for dreaming of bigger things than dishes, education, cooking, and laundry. As the time for our kids to fly the coop drew near, we pondered our futures and, after years of discussion and a few margaritas, we decided to go radical. We charged right into...more cooking, dishes, laundry and our own education. The power of imagination knows no bounds.

Being dissatisfied with the empty, sugary breakfast foods in stores when we were new mommies thirty years ago, we started making granola for our  families. Of course, once the children spread out to various colleges, they had to have their favorite snack food on hand. 

Roommates in college dorms  all begged for "your Momma's granola", setting us on a course of baking and shipping sacks of it all over the country. As we floated in the warm pool under the Mexican sun, it seemed an obvious step to start making "Not Yer Momma's" for everyone else! 

We tested the waters by entering the Sonoma County Harvest Fair, a local food and wine competition, and, to our delight, we swept the awards in the granola category (something we have now done for four years in a row).

To date, we have been making and selling our granolas in farmers markets - all the while frantically learning everything we can about the food industry - and having the time of our lives. Who knew working with your closest friends could be so much fun?

We wish all of you the fun of growing up with your best friends.

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