It is difficult to express the depth of our gratitude to Mark and Elena, who allow the Mommas to make their annual pilgrimage to their beachside home on the Sea of Cortez. Letting us float in the pool, watch the whales frolic off the patio, sleep to the thrumming of the waves, and laze on chaises in that glorious setting, inspired us to create something for ourselves. Their astounding generosity in making their home available to us, allows us the space to recharge our batteries and most importantly, our deep friendships.

We would particularly like to thank Bill Seidel of America Invents, who for some reason lends us his wildly inventive mind and wicked sense of humor to help us market our product and stay on track. Among his countless contributions on our behalf,


it was his idea to “Warholize” our image - originally stenciled in black and white by Irene’s son, Matt Parsons.

Maureen Kringen (Kringen | Media) – an outstanding artist in her own right and our web and label designer / photographer – took the idea and made it come to life. Working together, we have had the fun of watching her innovative mind turn the concept into full-color reality. 

Beth Moise (onPoint Solutions), Ludwig Furtner (Working on My Next Opportunity), and Gay McFarren, volunteer consultants with the Sebastopol Entrepreneur Project, took three business neophytes by the hand and introduced us to the wonders of modern business planning and accounting – an ongoing and herculean task for which we are most grateful.

From the first few minutes of attending her SBDC workshop, From Kitchen to Market with Anni Minuzzo, we knew we had found true gold. Anni spoke from her considerable experience in the world of specialty food and she used her special brand of hilarious, clear-eyed commentary to bring three starry-eyed neophyte entrepreneurs crashing out of the clouds - and then she worked with us to show how it’s done. Grazie tante, Anni. and here’s to many more conversations over good coffee and wine and laughter. 

And in the beginning, there was Paula Downing - Sebastopol Farmers Market manager extraordinaire - who looked at three mommies with a few bags of granola and an idea, and gave us a slot in her carefully curated market for reasons passing understanding. Without her generous willingness to take that risk, we might still be talking about someday starting a business. (Breathe, Paula...)

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